Hometown girl risks it all.


My Story

I spent the first four years of my career as a designer for one of Silicon Valley’s top creative agencies. The countless hours I had worked to graduate top of my class in design school became a habit I carried into my career. I quickly realized that top-tier clients also required a pace that was taking a toll on my mental and physical health just as rapidly. After months of fighting myself, I realized it just wasn’t worth it anymore.

Once I decided to finally let go of the stress and unreasonable deadlines, I found not only an outlet in photography, but empowerment. I was surprised that what started as a hobby lead me to a truer passion: enabling people to stop time and forever capture their most joyful and memorable moments. I have taken all of the success of a part time venture and invested it into classes and equipment upgrades to take my service to the next level, providing my clients with a premium experience powered by the same artistic vision that made me successful as a visual designer. Now I'm able to translate my passion for emotive visual communication into success as a full time freelance photographer. 

My gallery is available on Instagram or directly on my site but to get the best idea of what we are capable of creating together, I prefer direct email. Every moment has a story. Let’s make your story last forever.