Frequently Asked Questions


Do you pick the location?

Because this is your session, I will always let you choose the location. But if you can't chose or don't know of a location you'd like I will always give you my recommendations.


What is included in the cost?

Each session includes up to 2 hours of shooting, white balance correction, brightness and contrast correction, and blemish removal. All photos on a personal online gallery and a photo book with all the photos of your special moment.


Do you bring props?

I have a few general props that can be used for a variety of sessions. But I encourage clients to bring their own if they are themed specific props.


How many pictures will I get?

I give you all of the good photos that aren't blurry, doubles, or any awkward faces or poses. The average range of photos to expect is anywhere from 20-30 photos per session.


Do I have to come up with all the poses?

No, do not worry about having to come up with poses. My style is very natural. I will give direction of where and how to stand, what to do with your hands, and where to look. But through conversation and laughter is when the best "poses" come out :)


How many people can be in my session?

For any sessions the max number of people is 6. Every extra person is $20 each. 


Do I get a USB?

No all the photos will be delivered digitally through Zenfolio. 


Do I get any prints?

No, but I do give printing rights to every client to print as much as they want. But every session comes with a photo book.


How big is the photo book?

The photo books are 5x7. You can always upgrade to the 8.5x11 photo book for an additional $30.


How much is the travel fee?

The travel fee is $20 for every 10 miles.


Does the session take the full 2 hours?

No, the average time for a session is 1 hour and 15 minutes. I give up to 2 hours in case you want to have multiple outfit changes and for sessions including small children. This extra time allows for play time to get the natural smile from the children.


Where are you located?

I am located in Gilroy, CA. But I will travel to any location you wish!