A surprise that she will never forget.


Their Story

Dapinder and Jasmine took a walk across Bixby Bridge a few years ago. Jasmine didn’t know it at the time but Dipender had swallowed a bag of butterflies before their walk, knowing that he was going to ask her to be his girlfriend. He waited for just the right moment, just the right cue from the universe, took a deep breath and asked her a very important question with his heart full of hope. She said yes of course, because Dapinder is not only handsome, he is also very funny.

3 years later, Dapinder decided that he needed to add romance to this portfolio of good looks, humor and luck (remember how he landed Jasmine?) so he called me. He asked me to join them on another walk across Bixby Bridge, this time for a couples’ photoshoot. Again he courageously swallowed some butterflies and stepped into the day with hope. He waited for just the right moment, this time he gave the cue. As he whispered “I love you,” in Jasmine’s ear, I knew it was time. He dropped to his knee and asked her this time to be his wife. I gifted them a congratulatory bottle of champagne which we couldn’t resist opening right then and there, and continued with what had quickly become an engagement shoot. Full of raw emotion, love and hope I was able to create a beautiful memory for them as they created a beautiful future.